St Monica’s


6.00pm— M. McMahon  C. Hession

7.30am –  T. Maguire  A. Edwards

9.30am –  A. Brailey  F. Yates

5.30pm –  T. Scopelliti  A. Aquilina

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

6.00pm –  P. Hession  R. Larven

7.30am –  A. Vella  M. Fenech

9.30am –  H. Convey  C. Hey

5.30pm –  A. Duarte  S. Nash


Acolytes/Senior Server

6.00pm— A. Moloney

7.30am –

9.30am –  D. Murphy

5.30pm –  P. Delahay


Junior Ministers

6.00pm— G. Attard  S & H. Barglik

7.30am –  J. Azzopardi

9.30am –  C & S. Murphy M. Hoffmann

  1. Cauchi

5.30pm –  O. Wickett

Data Projector

6.00pm— M. Breaden

7.30am –  M. Clark

9.30am –  M. Saliba

5.30pm— M & E. Teuma

Children’s Liturgy

6.00pm –

9.30am –

Cleaners M. Jansen T. Reckless A. Senn

  1. Edwards


05 Feb— V. Muscat  F. Muscat  R. Camilleri

12 Feb— F. Crew  T. Misdom  M. Want


Weekday Roster

Monday  6 February 2023

Reader –  M. Breaden

EMoHC— A. Moloney

Wednesday  8 February 2023

Reader –  A. Aquilina

EMoHC –  M. McMahon

Friday  10 January 2023

Reader –  D. Bowles

EMoHC –  M. Ryan




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St Gregory’s

Saturday  11 February 2023

Reader—  M. Ryan

EMoHC— J. Wall

Sunday  12 February 2023


8.00am – J. Wall  M. Ryan  P. Hurst

Acolyte/Senior Server F. Kelleher

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

8.00am –  P. Waterford

Data Projector A. Drew

Altar Preparation

Cleaners D. Grima