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Rosters 6 October 2019

6 October 2019

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year C

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St Monica’s


6.30pm— P. Buckley  M. Breaden

7.30am –  T. Hamilton  M. Femech

9.30am –  C. Thompson  F. Yates

5.30pm –  J. Morley  T. Scopelliti

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

6.30pm –  J. Bennett  J. Gorman

7.30am –  L. Attard  M. McMahon

9.30am –  J. Van Der Burg  C. Hey

5.30pm –  P. Delahay  L. Battersby


Acolytes / Senior Server

6.30pm— W. Bennett

7.30am –  C. Nickle

9.30am –  M. Crew

5.30pm –  A. Freitas


Junior Ministers


7.30am –  L. Attard

9.30am –  C & S. Saliba

5.30pm –  A. Kuriakose

Data Projector

6.30pm— T. Buckley

7.30am –  C. Thompson

9.30am –  L. Ryan

5.30pm— T. Tomasella

Children’s Liturgy

6.30pm –

9.30am –


6.30pm –  J. Lewis  M. Lewis

9.30am –  M. Quirk  L. Ryan  Choir

5.30pm –   N. D’Mello  Choir

Altar Preparation C. Thompson

Cleaners C. Sycz


29 Sept— B. Riley  B. Riley  M. Stone

06 Oct— F. Crew  T. Misdom  M. Want


Weekday Roster

Monday  30 September 2019

Reader –  R. Crane

EMoHC— F. Crew

Wednesday  2 October 2019

Reader –  M. Breaden

EMoHC –  C. Nickle

Friday  4 October 2019

Reader –  M. Pirovic

EMoHC –  A. Moloney




** † **

St Gregory’s

Saturday 5 October 2019

Reader—  Jackie

EMoHC— Cathy

Sunday 6 October 2019


8.00am –  M. Mooney  T. Misdom  S. Lundy

Altar Server  David

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

8.00am –

Altar Preparation P. McCallum

Cleaners L. Pullin