30 June 2019

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year C

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St Monica’s


6.00pm— M. McMahon  C. Hession

7.30am –  A. Edwards  M. Pirovic

9.30am –  A. Brailey  C. Hey

5.30pm –  L. Battersby  A. Aquilina

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

6.00pm –  P. Hession  J. Muscat

7.30am –  M. Turnbull

9.30am –  H. Convey  M. McGuiness

5.30pm –  J. Morley


Acolytes / Senior Server

6.00pm— W. Bennett

7.30am –  A. Moloney

9.30am –  D. Ryan

5.30pm –  P. Delahay


Junior Ministers


7.30am –  P. Azzopardi

9.30am –  S. Murphy  M. Hoffmann

5.30pm –  K. Vanderburg

Data Projector

6.00pm— M. Breaden

7.30am –  C. Thompson

9.30am –  L. Ryan

5.30pm— T. Tomasella

Children’s Liturgy

6.00pm –

9.30am – C. Saliba


6.00pm— J. Lewis

9.30am –  Embedded Music  Choir

5.30pm—N. D’Mello

Altar Preparation R. Larven

Cleaners C. Norton


23 June— F. Crew  T. Misdom  M. Want

30 June— L. Conway  J. Hawkins  D. Bowles


Weekday Roster

Monday   24 June 2019

Reader –  M. Breaden

EMoHC— J. Ebbs

Wednesday  26 June 2019

Reader –  M. McMahon

EMoHC –  A. Moloney

Friday  28 June 2019

Reader –  D. Bowles

EMoHC –  F. Crew




** † **

St Gregory’s

Saturday 29 June 2019

Reader—  Jackie

EMoHC— Marcia

Sunday 30 June 2019


8.00am – B. Wall  M. Ryan  P. Hurst

Altar Server Frank

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

8.00am –

Altar Preparation

Cleaners N. Fienberg