15 March 2020

3rd Sunday of Lent

Year A

** † **

St Monica’s


6.30pm— HYPA-R

7.30am – A. Dunbar M. McMahon

9.30am – R. Jones M. Manea

5.30pm – L. Battersby C. Salkeld

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

6.30pm – R. Larven V. Muscat

7.30am – M. Fenech A. Edwards

9.30am – Z. Culican F. Yates

5.30pm – A. Aquilina T. Scopelliti


Acolytes / Senior Server

6.30pm— M. Crew

7.30am – A. Moloney

9.30am – A. Brailey

5.30pm – P. Delahay


Junior Ministers

6.30pm— J. Azzopardi

7.30am –

9.30am – W. Attard G. Attard

5.30pm – A. Kuriakose M. Sultana

Data Projector

6.30pm— HYPA-R

7.30am – C. Thompson

9.30am – L. Culican

5.30pm— Choir members

Children’s Liturgy

6.30pm –

9.30am – L. Ryan


6.30pm – T. Huhges-Everard

9.30am – N. D’Mello

5.30pm –   Coupes for Christ

Altar Preparation

Cleaners N. Godsell M. Azzopardi


08 Mar— R. Larven L. Clegg R. Gallyot

  1. McMahon

15 Mar— C. Barber F. Pausanos J. Pausanos


Weekday Roster

Monday 9 March 2020

Reader – F. Crew

EMoHC— R. Larven

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Reader – A. Moloney

EMoHC – M. McMahon

Friday 13 March 2020

Reader – D. Bowles

EMoHC – M. Ryan




** † **

St Gregory’s

Saturday 14 March 2020

Reader— Margaret

EMoHC— Jackie

Sunday 15 March 2020


8.00am – P. Humphrey C. Smiroldo N. Fienberg

Altar Server F. Kelleher

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

8.00am – M. Ryan

Data Projector A. Drew

Altar Preparation

Cleaners J. Bondfield